About “A Little Lesson…in Brazilian Portuguese”

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Many people in the US and other countries know very little about Brazil with the exception of Rio de Janeiro, Carnaval, Pelé and Futebol (Soccer) and the Amazon. However, after learning more about Brazil, its diverse geography, unique culture and wonderful people, they often end up falling in love with Brazil.

“A Little Lesson…in Brazilian Portuguese” (WGA Registration #1520871) is the story of an American music producer from Chicago who comes in search of the “Ritmos” or “Rhythms” of Brazil and then discovers much more than he ever imagined—about Brazil and himself. In many ways, it’s a classic tale about love, loss, self discovery and reconnection blended together with a “fish-out-of-water” storyline because the main character visits wonderfully different and exotic Brazil with very little advance preparation.


The structure and key elements of “A Little Lesson…in Brazilian Portuguese” include:

  • 11 Dill LLoutstanding songs with diverse musical styles;
  • a compelling story with important local and historical references;
  • endearing characters with intriguing personal stories; and
  • a spectacular setting amidst Brazil’s extreme beauty, culture, history and geography

This combination allows ample flexibility in the production’s format (in either English or Portuguese) as:

  • 18 - AClive concert performance with multimedia / video mapping and story-telling (narration);
  • eight- to ten-hour television series with a deep exploration of regional Brazilian musical styles and culture;
  • full-length feature film;
  • musical theatre stage production; or
  • tourism promotion campaign

The show’s producers own the story and publish 90% of the show’s musical content creating outstanding possibilities for long-term return on investment (ROI) on cross-marketing of the show’s book (film and TV licensing, theatrical productions ranging from Broadway to community / campus theatres) and songs (licensing and royalty fees for popular recordings as well as TV, radio and internet commercials). The show’s producers have worked in the past with Disney, Opryland and numerous tourism agencies.