About ORS Multimídia Interativa

ORS Multimídia Interativa (ORS) is led by Doug Adair and Breno Pádua Brandão Carneiro. The leadership of ORS, a consulting and digital technology company based in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil is committed to supporting economic and social development in its work with clients in Brazil and other countries. Isaias Miranda Rabelo works with Administration & Program Development in the company.

The capabilities of ORS include:

  • providing technical assistance for economic and social development in clusters ranging from information technology to entertainment and tourism,
  • promoting technology transfer and facilitating international licensing agreements,
  • developing and implementing programs and projects,
  • grant writing and resource acquisition,
  • planning, providing and managing logistical support for a wide range of activities
  • producing multi-media content (music, video, internet),
  • constructing learning and collaboration strategies
  • designing curriculum, and developing and administering assessments and certifications

Clients of ORS cover a broad spectrum, including large corporations, small and medium enterprises, national and regional associations, international non-profit organizations, multilateral organizations and government agencies.

Projects undertaken by the principals of ORS range from designing national and international sustainable tourism development programs to developing and implementing regional and local initiatives to improve the productive capacity of small, medium and micro enterprises ranging from high technology start-ups to artisans and musicians.