Back Story – Put It On That Donut There! (Zombie Donut Burger Video)

Our new “Zombie Donut Burger” video is being launched on YouTube during October in conjunction with the Halloween Season. We ask to you please take a look at the video and then share the link with your family and friends. We hope you enjoy!

Have you heard about all this madness with Donut Burgers? I spend a lot of my time in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil so I miss out on some of the news and happenings in the US and other countries. I recently came across a bunch of news articles and photos on the internet about restaurants and donut chains in the US and other countries that are serving up hamburgers on donuts (and with great acclaim and success).

In fact, many people are now claiming credit for the creation of the Donut Burger. For example Luther Vandross, the singer, put a burger on a donut and called it The Luther back in 1979. Heck, even the now infamous Paula Deen has claimed credit for the origin of the Donut Burger. The truth is, I was present when the Donut Burger was first created in 1978 at Dewey’s Hamburger and Chili on the far north side of Chicago in Rogers Park.

Dewey’s was open 24 hours a day and lots of people would go there to chow down after spending the night out on the town. Dewey’s was a classic “Greasy Spoon”. The food was cheap but tasty. One time, I was in Dewey’s about 4 o’clock in the morning after I had finished playing a gig. It had been a busy night at Dewey’s. They had run totally out of buns and bread and were waiting for their morning bread delivery which normally came at about 5 o’clock in the morning. Anyhow, it wasn’t a problem for me because I had gone there to eat a bowl of Dewey’s chili.

However, not everybody was content with the situation like I was. This really drunk and obnoxious guy stumbled in shortly after I arrived. He got a little CRAZY when he found out they were out of buns and bread because “HE wanted a CHEESEBURGER”. After ranting and raving at the short order cook, his attention suddenly turned to a glass display case on the counter which had a couple funky-looking, day-old donuts in it. He grinned in a devilish kind-of-way and said, “well, if you ain’t got no bread, then put it on that donut there”. And that’s exactly what the short order cook did. He threw a burger on the grill, cooked it for about 60 seconds, and then served it up with a slice of American cheese–on a donut. The drunk guy wolfed down the donut burger with “a know-it-all smile on his face”, paid the check from a wad of crumpled, one dollars bills jammed in his pocket, and then stumbled back out the door on his way home to sleep it all off.

And so, among many other culinary trends—both good and bad—Chicago deserves credit along with an unknown drunk and a nameless short order cook at Dewey’s for the creation of the original Donut Burger.

Why do we have Zombies in the video? Well, I spend most of my time in sunny Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where we basically have summer-like weather almost every day of the year. It was just too darn to go back to Chicago to film the video during the winter of 2014. In thinking about concepts for shooting the video in a sub-tropical climate, I remembered that I used to say “if people keep eating crap like Donut Burgers, we’re all going to turn into Zombies!” And thus, the inspiration was born for a video featuring a fast forward from Chicago in 1978 to a Zombie take-over of a local grill in front of Salvador’s Porto da Barra Beach.

By the way, the streets, sidewalks, plazas and utilities were all reconstructed shortly after we filmed the video. Porta da Barra (now also being called Nova Barra or New Barra) has never been more beautiful. Our beach (located where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Bay of All Saints (the second largest fresh water bay in the world) faces west so we have spectacular sunsets just about every day. Come join us! When the sun goes down, you never know what’s going to happen or who might appear in Porto da Barra!  Até logo or see you soon!