Cultural & Educational Exchanges Focused on Bahia, Brazil

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Preserving Traditions While Creating New Legacies

“A Little Lesson…in Brazilian Portuguese” is part of a larger effort being organized by ORS Multimídia Interativa Ltda of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, in conjunction with Dr. Mike Fansler, Director of Bands at Western Illinois University (WIU), and major universities in the State of Bahia, Brazil. They are working to develop plans for innovative, inter-related programs designed to promote cultural and educational exchanges between WIU and Brazil, and especially the State of BahiaThe overarching objectives of these programs are to: 1) enhance mutual understanding among people in the US and Brazil; 2) increase exchanges related to education, social and economic development; culture; tourism; lifestyle and innovation; 3) help preserve and support ongoing development of cultural and educational traditions in Bahia and other regions of Brazil; 5) promote international trade and technology transfer; and 6) strengthen relations between the two countries.

There’s both a strong interest and need to develop “legacy” cultural and educational programs specifically related the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 that promote socio-economic development, create greater interest in Brazilian destinations such as Bahia, and increase international trade.

Motivated by this scenario, the proposed programs comprise a set of strategies focused on promoting cultural and educational exchanges as a means of strengthening existing traditions and creating new legacies. While each of the programs has its own specific short-term goals and objectives, each program is designed to interact with the other programs to create a “cascade” effect that stimulates cultural and educational development throughout Bahia and other regions of Brazil.

  1. 2014 Bahia World Winds Festival (WIU, major universities from Bahia and 29 Universities and Schools from the US and other countries).
  2. “A Little Lesson…in Brazilian Portuguese” / “Uma Pequena Lição…em Português Brasileiro” (WIU and major universities from Bahia)
  3. Basic Music Education in Bahia (WIU and major universities in Bahia)
  4. Musical Instrument Donation Program (Community Foundation of Bahia and WIU)
  5. Job Training Program in Musical Instrument Repair (WIU and Community Foundation of Bahia)
  6. 2014 Reprise of Bahia World Wind Festival at WIU (WIU and major universities in Bahia)
  7. Scholarships, Graduate Degrees, Assistantships and Special Programs of Study for Brazilians at WIU (WIU and major universities in Bahia)