Diverse Musical Styles & Interactive Multimedia Show


According to Doug Adair, one of the show’s creators who has lived in Salvador, Bahia, since 2004 and has worked in Brazil since 1997, “the overarching purpose of the show is to call attention to the many “Ritmos” or “Rhythms” of Brazil by providing an introduction and stimulating thinking and actions related to cultural and educational exchanges, tourism and trade development between the US and other English-speaking countries and Brazil, especially the State of Bahia.” Adair says, “the general population in the US has very little knowledge about Brazil. In fact, there are still many people who don’t realize that Portuguese, not Spanish, is the national language of Brazil. That’s one of the reasons for the name of our show.”

The musical styles of “A Little Lesson…in Brazilian Portuguese” begin with blues, jazz, country and other American beats and then transition to samba, bossa nova, agogô, forro, reggae and other Brazilian and Latin beats as the story progresses.


60 Band LLAt present, the show’s producers are working to package and present tours of live concert performances of “A Little Lesson…in Brazilian Portuguese” in the United States and other countries, and in Brazil. Designed to be very entertaining and also function somewhat like a travelogue through humorous and informative storytelling synchronized with multimedia (photos and videos), live concert performances of “A Little Lesson…in Brazilian Portuguese” feature high energy singers and dancers supported by a full band with Brazilian percussion, keyboards, electric guitars, acoustic stringed instruments and a terrific horn section.

Thousands of digital multimedia images of people and places across Brazil (and in Chicago where the story begins) have been recorded and content (from professional photographers / videographers and tourism bureaus) has also been acquired. pelourinho1These images are all part of an elaborate multimedia show with state-of-the-art video mapping projected on a variety of screens, walls and other surfaces during live concert performances of “A Little Lesson…in Brazilian Portuguese”.

Extensive interaction between the performers and the audience during the show serves to educate people about Brazil’s culture, music, diverse population, social issues, geography / destinations, climate, and more.