Recording Music and Video Production Project

“Heads Up! Heads Up!” / “Vai com Tudo de Cabeça!”

Prepared by Doug Adair

A 2014 World Cup / 2014 World Cup in Brazil has created much controversy. ” Heads Up! Heads Up! “/” Head Goes with Everything “ is a project of recording music and video player designed to send a positive message and raise awareness about the importance of providing music education and sports education for all.

“Heads Up! Heads Up! “/” Head Goes with Everything “ is a song to rally for football / soccer / sports was created for performances at football games / football / sports and during celebrations / football / sports. The song, arranged by Ricardo “Cable” Sibalde to include a section similar to a big band jazz metal, is a new concept for Brazil. “Heads Up! Heads Up! “/” Head Goes with Everything “ is a combination of “Let’s Go Necks” / “Let’s Go Now!” a song rally Sports at Western Illinois University in the U.S. and a new melody blues-rock composed and translated by Doug Adair Lara Garcia Mueller, Ivan HUOL, Nancy Viégas and Márcio Pereira, who uses the metaphor of “Heads Up! Heads Up! “/” Head Goes with Everything! “ to encourage everyone to use your head in winning the football / soccer / sports games, as well as in life.

The music is being written in English and Portuguese with English 2 lines always followed by 2 rows in Portuguese. Thus, we are creating a universal song that can be understood by people from many countries. Our goal is to turn the controversy over World Cup 2014/2014 World Cup investments and World Cup 2014/2014 World Cup tournament into something positive instead of something so negative and harmful.

The combined songs are being recorded and filmed for a video clip music by some of the greatest musicians of Salvador, as well as visiting musicians from countries around the world who are participating in exchanges / exchanges in order to expand music education in Bahia and throughout Brazil. The song is expected to debut in early June before the World Cup 2014/2014 World Cup in Brazil.