Showcase for Talented Brazilian Performers


4The idea is to include exceptionally talented (but not yet internationally-known) performers from Brazil, and especially Bahia, who stand to benefit from the international exposure provided by live concert performances of the show on campuses of major universities in the US and other countries. The format of the show allows for special guest performers (or “convidados” in Portuguese) during any given performance—making it relatively easy to have new performers join a tour of the show in progress while others exit the tour as needed to perform at their own engagements in Brazil or elsewhere.

The extensive range of talents and styles represented by the show’s performers also creates an opportunity for production of a second show (on the same day or the following day) which features “up and coming performers” from Brazil performing their own work. Due to the economies of scale afforded by the production of “A Little Lesson…in Brazilian Portuguese”, this approach provides a strong introduction / entre for relatively unknown musicians, percussionists, singers and dancers from Brazil who would not otherwise be invited to showcase themselves on university campuses in the US.

In addition to extraordinary musical ability, ability to speak English is a pre-requisite for participation in the show. English-language capacity and effective interaction with the public are important factors in terms of the overall success of the show and related events such as Master Classes, workshops and demonstrations. Most Brazilian groups which perform in the US and other countries typically have few people who are capable of communicating in English.

03 Heinz LL - ACMany Brazilian production and entertainment management companies are interested in gaining exposure for their artists and breaking into the US market, not only for the one million Brazilians living in the US but also for the general US population of 300 million people. One of the best ways to break into the US market is through university student populations. Universities in the US are very different from universities in Brazil. In the US, most students leave their family homes and go to live in another city or region when they attend a university. This results in huge concentrations of university student populations in cities and towns which are home to major universities. University students in the US are very receptive to new ideas, new technology and new types of music and entertainment.

It’s also far less expensive to produce concerts and shows at universities because they operate their own extensive sports and entertainment complexes which can accommodate from 1,000 to more than 100,000 people. Many of the biggest names in entertainment in the US broke into the market by first reaching university students (university campuses in the US have their own radio, television and internet networks) who eventually graduate and move into mainstream society where they share their tastes in music and entertainment with the broader US population.


05 Band LL - ACThe current touring band for “A Little Lesson…in Brazilian Portuguese” is Doug Adair & Os Estrangeiros (or “Strangers” in Brazilian Portuguese). The lineup of the band includes: Fred Barreto, guitar; Isaias Rabelo Miranda, piano / keyboards; Ricardo Sibalde, saxophone and flute; Jurandir Santana, guitar and other fretted instruments; Giba Conceição, percussion; Tadeu Mascarenhas, piano / keyboards and fretted instruments; Nancy Viégas, vocals; Breno Pádua, harmonica; Brian Knave, drums; Tommy Stone, percussion; VJ Gabiru / Davi Cavalcanti, multimedia and video mapping; Micheal Driscoll, production and multimedia; and Doug Adair, vocals and narration.

Adair says, “We have a terrific band. For example, Fred Barreto, one of our two lead guitar players and co-composer of many of the songs in the show, often tours in Europe and Brazil with Slash of Guns n’ Roses fame. Giba Conceição is one of the top percussionists in Bahia (considered as a “world capital” of percussion) and has performed in countries around the world with top entertainers from Brazil. Giba and Fred Barreto deliver Master Classes and Workshops and Giba leads Drumming Circles during the show’s visit to university campuses and other locations. Tadeu Mascarenhas and Nancy Viégas are leaders of Radiola, one of Bahia’s top alternative bands, which fuses Brazilian “roots” music with contemporary sounds.”